Employee Safety

When considering your outlook and obligations when it comes to the safety of your employees when driving on company business, whether in their own vehicle or a fleet vehicle, a Be Seen Screen could be a simple and cost effective addition to your health and safety policies.

The Health & Safety Executive guidance to work related road safety can be viewed here

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Many companies are now using telematics services to track and control vehicle movements which also flag up issues such as breakdowns or collisions. A Be Seen Screen is an add on that not only protects a vehicle but the driver too.

If you are an organisation with a fleet of vehicles, no matter how large or small, contact us for a quote for bulk purchasing of Be Seen Screens.

Email richard@be-seen-screen.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is a Be Seen Screen at night? 

Can a Be Seen Screen be attached to any vehicle? 

Where can I buy a Be Seen Screen? 

How easy is it to use? 

Will it damage my car? 

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