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There are, on average, 15,000 breakdown incidents reported to Highways England every day. Upon breaking down, The Highway Code states that you must place a warning triangle at least 45 meters behind your broken-down vehicle which ignores the risk to the motorist who needs to perform this action.

The Be-Seen-Screen is designed to significantly improve the visibility of a stranded vehicle. Fluorescent properties provide a contrast to the colour palette of the natural world and thus provide a visibility during daylight hours.

Visibility during low light & night-time conditions is achieved using retro-reflective properties.

There are two methods to achieve reflectivity - glass-bead and micro-prismatic. We've developed the Be-Seen-Screen utilising the micro-prismatic method as this provides higher reflective performance.

In simple terms, a reflective material shines a beam of light back to the source.

We measure our reflective performance across 9 different entrance and observation angles: these different angles are to ensure the effectiveness of a product when viewed by different road users - for example a sports car driver and HGV driver will have a very different relationship between themselves, the Be-Seen-Screen and their headlights.

The Be-Seen-Screen is a 2-ply arrow-cell quilted product comprising a micro-prismatic film bonded to a reinforced backing. This process is a tried and tested formula specified by users in demanding professional environments - this is a very durable, hardwearing construction method.

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The Safety Triangle - Outdated & ImpracticalHazardous to walk down the motorway 45 meters 4 timesNot so visible due to sizeGoing to banned in Spain in 2026Fiddly and time consuming to initiateThis is an out of date device

The Safety Triangle - Outdated & Impractical

Hazardous to walk down the motorway 45 meters 4 times

Not so visible due to size

Going to banned in Spain in 2026

Fiddly and time consuming to initiate

This is an out of date device

Be Seen Screen - New & Improved For SafetyNo walking down the carriagewayMultiple languages30 second initiation timeMore visible day or nightReflectability at 500 yards

Be Seen Screen - New & Improved For Safety

No walking down the carriageway

Multiple languages

30 second initiation time

More visible day or night

Reflectability at 500 yards

The New Triangle Alternative

The New Triangle Alternative

Compact, lightweight and easy.

You shouldn't have to walk 45 metres (147 feet) towards oncoming traffic to place a warning triangle, as this is the minimum distance at which they should be placed and the advice is to not use them at all on motorways.

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Driving Through Europe?

The Be Seen Screen can be adapted when travelling to different European countries by utilising the easy to use language cards.

These language cards can be easily inserted to allow all non-english speaking countries to know that you have broken down.



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